Are Toilet Seat Covers Effective

It depends on what individuals expect the paper covers to do. Disposable toilet seat covers are an effective layer of defense against germs in public bathrooms but not for preventing illnesses or the transmission of infectious diseases. It’s a good idea to pull out a toilet seat cover if the toilet doesn’t appear to have been maintained in an acceptable condition.

Toilet seat covers are porous, with holes in the material large enough for microscopic organisms to easily make it through the covering. It’s unlikely that individuals will get sick simply by sitting on a toilet seat without a covering, since germs are present within the entire bathroom environment. The best defense is to thoroughly wash hands before departing the bathroom.

There’s a psychological component inherent in toilet seat covers. They provide individuals with a semblance of protection against perceived dangers. “Hovering” over a toilet isn’t a healthy solution either. Over time, it affects the mechanics of how the body relieves itself, leading to infections and dysfunction of the pelvic floor.

Toilet seat covers have a long history in the U.S. They were first popularized in the 1930s and were primarily used on the West Coast. The first disposable toilet seat cover was invented by Jeanne B. Montaldo of Glendale, MO and patented in 1965.

They were first marketed as a way to prevent contracting a sexually transmitted disease. However, STDs aren’t transmitted in that way. And the coverings lose any potential benefit if they get wet. Today, the biggest manufacturer of disposable toilet seat covers is the James River Corporation, better known for its assortment of paper towels and paper cups. Paper models of disposable toilet seat covers cost about a penny each to produce, but plastic models are also available that are more costly.

Toilet seat covers are still offered at high-end resorts and similar facilities, but many countries don’t offer them at all. A significant number of travelers, particularly from the U.S., continue to take a supply of the toilet seat covers with them when they travel simply for peace of mind. However, thoroughly washing hands after using bathroom facilities is still the best method of protection against illness and disease.

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