Are Service Dogs Costly?

The simple answer is they can be, depending on where the dog is trained. Leader Dogs for the Blind provides canines free to those who are legally blind or blind/deaf. Assistance Dogs International provides service dogs at low or no cost, relying on donations to support the canine’s training.

Service dogs are essential for many people with disabilities, allowing them to live a more enjoyable and productive lifestyle. There’s a deficit of trained service dogs. Many people choose a puppy and turn him/her over to a private professional dog trainer that can charge between $15,000 and $30,000.

The cost can be even higher, up to $50,000, depending upon the tasks for which they’re trained. Private dog trainers invest extensive hours of work to train each canine. The costs account for trainers’ fees, room and board, spaying and neutering, and vaccinations.

Unfortunately, all dogs aren’t good candidates for a service dog for any number of reasons and people can spend thousands, only to discover their dog isn’t a suitable candidate. People that choose this route should ensure the trainer is reputable, has experience, and uses positive reinforcement methods.

Service dogs are carefully selected for their intelligence, disposition and calm demeanor. They must be friendly, non-aggressive, and have the ability to focus without being distracted. Hundreds of dogs are eliminated from training programs each year if they lack any of those attributes.

Service dogs perform a wide variety of tasks and the canine needs to be paired correctly with the individual’s size and particular needs. Those that need a dog to aid with mobility will require a dog that’s large and sturdy, while a dog that’s trained to detect the early signs of a seizure may be smaller.

Once an individual has been paired with their service dog, there are a variety of ongoing yearly costs. There will be food, veterinarian visits, vaccinations, and toys. There may be trips to the groomer if the individual is unable to groom the dog themselves. Depending on the needs of the individual, they may need to have their service dog trained to perform additional tasks.

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