5 Signs that your Neighborhood is Pet Friendly

If you’re considering moving to a new neighborhood and have a dog, there are some signs you should be looking for that will tell you if the area is friendly to canines. You want to feel comfortable when you walk your dog and not have any problems with new neighbors. Don’t forget your pet’s needs when looking to relocate. The following are 5 signs that the neighborhood is friendly to pets.

  1. Dogs

If you see other people out walking and playing with their dogs, it’s a good indication that people in the neighborhood are tolerant of the occasional bout of barking or even a dog that gets loose. People walking their dogs together is an added bonus as it often means that people have established friendships with other pet parents in the area.

  1. Dog Park

A dog park is a sure sign that there are enough canines in the area that the community has established a safe place for dogs and people to mingle and interact. You’ll know that there’s a good place to help your dog burn off extra energy and get the exercise they need for good health. It’s a great way to meet other pet parents and integrate into the neighborhood.

  1. Safe Spaces

You’re going to need to walk your dog during evening hours and areas with a sidewalk and spaces that are well-lit are essential for safety. Walking on the road or even on the side of a road is dangerous.

  1. Dog-Friendly Services

From grooming to veterinary care, you’ll want those services to be located close by, especially if there’s a canine health emergency. Dog-friendly services also encompass stores that sell your pet’s favorite food and even restaurants and businesses that welcome dogs.

  1. Pet Waste Stations

If you have a lot on your mind, it can be easy to forget the necessities required to clean up after your dog. A pet waste station that provides bags for clean-up is an excellent indicator that the neighborhood is dog-friendly. Even better is a pet waste station that provides the bags and a receptacle for safely and cleanly disposing of the pet poo bags.

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