Best Dog Friendly Beaches in the United States

While the summer is coming to a close there is still plenty of time to take a trip to the beach. Dogs absolutely love beaches with crashing ocean waves and wide open spaces to run along. It would be unfair to your canine friend to plan a beach trip without them. There are plenty of […]

Dogs at the Beach this Summer

These Beach Dogs Are Having a Summer to Remember We’re already halfway through summer! Can you believe it? These beach dogs are soaking up the sun on sandy beaches as much as they can. Nobody knows how to have fun on the beach like these pups. Scroll through these dogs enjoying a day at the […]

Gross Things People Do At the Gym That Will Make You Cringe

The gym is a great place to workout and stay motivated in your fitness routine. Unfortunately, it is also a place filled with germs at every corner. This is mainly due to the many people that go to gyms. Here are some of the gross things people do at the gym. Not Wiping Down Gym […]

What To Do With Your Pet During A Tornado

This time of year, late spring and early summer, is a time when the Midwestern United States sees a rise in tornadoes. This year tornadoes seem to be particularly active and there are many lists out there on how to stay safe. However, a majority of these lists are focused on people and don’t take pets into […]

These Smiling Dogs Will Brighten Up Your Day

Are you having a bad day? Or just in the mood to look at some cute pictures of dogs? Either way, this list of smiling dogs has exactly what you want. Their smiles are contagious so don’t be surprised if you finish this list with a huge smile on your face. Smiling provides great benefits […]

What To Do When Your Dog Eats Chocolate

It is well known that chocolate is dangerous for dogs. But, if this is news to you, well, dogs and chocolate are a toxic combination. If your dog eats chocolate there may be some serious consequences. The smaller and older the dog, the more danger they are in. Read on to understand the dangers of chocolate […]

Dogs Are The Best Snuggle Buddies

When it comes to snuggling, dogs are the best snuggle buddies in the world. There is something so magical about dog snuggles that make them an instant comfort and stress-reliever. It’s hard not to smile when you have your furry buddy snuggled up with you. These dog snuggles are great for keeping warm when it […]

Tips for Removing Pet Hair from Anything and Everything

When springtime rolls around it signals the start of warmer days. Puffs of fur float around the house as pets shed their winter coats in preparation for warmer weather. While this is natural and normal for pets, it can get annoying for pet owners to constantly clean up after them. Thankfully, these tips help make removing […]

Easter Gifts for a Dog Easter Basket

Easter is a bright and colorful holiday celebrated by families all over. Pastel colored candies and gifts flooding the shelves of stores everywhere. Baskets, small and large, filled with all types of easter goodies make great gifts. Unfortunately, these regular easter baskets are not always safe to give a dog. But, it’s extremely easy to […]

5 Reasons Dogs Make Driving Better

It can get lonely on drives sometimes and dogs are a great companion to have in the car. Dogs are always the best and happiest passengers in a car. They turn a boring car ride into a fun adventure when they ride along. Below are only some of the reasons dogs make driving better. Dogs Are […]

These Dogs Are Ready for St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day, a day full of all things green, is right around the corner. Everyone loves to celebrate this holiday by decking themselves out in everything green and dogs like to celebrate too. See all these dogs that are ready to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in style. Lucky Dog This happy dog is feeling […]

10 Reasons Dogs Make the Best Valentine

The month of February has arrived and stores everywhere are filled with bright sections of pink and red. Chocolate and candy in the shape of hearts fill the shelves. Love is all around as couples come together to celebrate this romantic holiday. But, as the list below describes, the best valentine any person could have […]

Are You Ready for the Puppy Bowl?

Super Bowl LI is just a few days away but the even more exciting Puppy Bowl 2017 is coming up too. If you haven’t already seen it before, the Puppy Bowl is an up-close and intense sporting event involving a whole bunch of puppies and other cute animals. This is a must-see championship for all […]

Your Adorable Overload for the Day: Little Kids and Their Big Dogs

If you needed a pick me up today look no further. A heartwarming photography project using kids and dogs was captured by Andy Seliverstoff, a professional photographer from St. Petersburg, Russia. His project focuses on the unbreakable bond between small children and their supersized dogs resulting in images that melt your heart. This project soon […]

Should Dogs Wear Sweaters in the Winter?

It’s the time of year where many states in America are covered in a stark white winter wonderland. Many pet owners will have dogs that are excited to play in the icy snow. But, even with their fur it can be quite cold. This is the time many owners ask themselves, do I need to […]

10 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Pet (and You)

  1. Measure Your Pet’s Food Many pet owners refill their pet’s food bowl whenever it’s empty. Or pet owners eyeball the amount of food they give their pet. This tends to result in pets that are overfed and overweight which can be detrimental to their health in the long run. The best way to […]

Guide to Traveling with Your Pet

When you welcome a furry friend into your life they become part of your family. It’s hard to leave behind a family member when you go on a trip, especially a lengthy one. While many pet owners hire pet sitters or kennel their pet it can be much easier and more cost efficient to bring […]

8 Tips to Avoid Germs at the Gym

No, it’s not all in your head, and you are not just being a germophobe. The warm, sweaty atmosphere at the gym is the ideal breeding ground for bacteria and all types of germs. Follow these tips to avoid the all too common gym germs and save your sick days for something a little more […]

10 Reasons to Scoop Your Dog’s Poop

Scoop that Poop Everyone knows it’s neighborly courtesy to pick up your dog’s poop when walking around the neighborhood. Yet, sometimes people find themselves without a bag and decide to leave the pet’s business where it lays. This may seem like a minor inconvenience but dog poop can actually cause some serious problems. Below are […]

Good Hygiene Habits to Have at the Gym

Hygiene Habits to Practice at the Gym Exercising is great for your body and overall health as is good hygiene. Whether you exercise at the gym, school, or a private club there is a chance you’ll be exposed to sweaty clothes and germ-ridden exercise equipment. These items can lead to an increased risk for fungal […]