Dogs Allowed

When you start planning a family vacation to the sunshine state, there is always a question that pops out. What do we do with the dogs? Dog daycares are expensive and most use cages, and hiring help to stay at the house is tricky. Finally, as a family consensus, you decide to bring them. But […]

Dogs of Instagram: They have more followers than you ever will!

If you think Instagram is a place for pretty pictures of food, sunsets and people´s shoes, think again! Dogs are all over the famous social network in all shapes and sizes(and status). Instagram is the perfect platform to get daily updates about a pup´s daily journey into adulthood. Some live pretty fancy lives and others […]

Best Cities to be a Dog in America

Let’s face it. The world is full of places where you are not welcome, if you’re a dog! Buildings full of prohibitions, rules, spots where you can’t do this or that, and all sorts of complications that put your loving owner in a lot of trouble with just a simple walk around that place you […]

Why Apartments and Condos Should Have Dog Waste Stations

remove dog waste

For apartment buildings and condos owners, accepting tenants with dogs could be challenging since there are a lot of factors to take into consideration. Insurance policies increasing, tenants without dogs complaining, and specially maintaining the common areas clean are some of the more important issues to keep in mind. A pet dog waste station cares […]

Keeping Your House Clean – Chemical Free For Your Pets

How to keep a clean house(chemical-free) when living with pets. Let’s face it. If you live with dogs, cats or any other pet at home, there’s been more than one accident that you need to clean immediately or your house will end it up smelling like a zoo. An instant solution to clean an incident […]

Walking Your Cat On a Leash, Is It Really Possible?

According to Roslyn McKenna from, walking your cat on a leash successfully is easier than you think. For some cat owners though, walking around parks and sidewalks with your gorgeous feline might seem like a dream, and the might find themselves limited might to watching cute pictures and funny videos of other cats online […]