Tips for Removing Pet Hair from Anything and Everything

When springtime rolls around it signals the start of warmer days. Puffs of fur float around the house as pets shed their winter coats in preparation for warmer weather. While this is natural and normal for pets, it can get annoying for pet owners to constantly clean up after them. Thankfully, these tips help make removing pet hair a breeze.

Removing Pet Hair from A Car

Pets ride along in cars fairly often, especially dogs, and unless there is a blanket or cover for the upholstery pet hair is going to stay. Vacuuming the upholstery will get some of the hair but not all of it because pet hair tends to embed itself deep into the fabric. A good tip for countering this is by using water and a squeegee.

All you have to do is spritz the car upholstery with some water and then scrap away the pet hair using the squeegee. It also works on some furniture upholstery and carpets. Read more tips on removing pet hair from a car here.

Removing Pet Hair from Rugs

Pets tend to sleep and lie down on rugs, wherever they may be in the house. The soft fabric of the rug feels nicer than cold tile or hardwood. This is what leads rugs to be full of pet hair. There is a great way to remove pet hair from rugs that is far better than vacuuming. All you need to do is dampen a rubber glove and as you wipe the rug the hair should come right off.


The static created by the water and rubber glove together make it easy for the pet hair to come off the rug. This cleaning tip is also helpful to remove pet hair from carpeted stairs, clothes, and other furniture. You can check out the full video on the rubber glove tip here.

Removing Pet Hair from Hardwood and Tile Floors

Pet hair is hard to vacuum on hardwood and tile floors. Vacuuming usually blows the hair and dust around instead of collecting it. So, the floor still has pet hair all over it just moved to different spots. The best way to remove pet hair from hardwood and tile floors is using a dust mop. A dust mop has microfibers that make picking up pet hair a lot easier than the suction from a vacuum. These mops are the perfect choice for removing pet hair from hardwood and tile floors.

Dust mops also come in slipper versions so you can clean as you walk around the house. On top of making floors easy to clean, the mops are easy to clean themselves. Just pop the mop into the wash and dryer and your dust mop is good as new.

Removing Pet Hair from the Bottom of Furniture

Pets absolutely love being around their owners and tend to sit and lie down wherever their owner sits. Cats and dogs like to wrap themselves around the legs of chairs, stools, and other seating places. A majority of seating has anti-scratch material on the bottom, which attracts and collects pet hair over time. Rolling computer chairs also collect pet hair in the wheels, but it is easy to pull hair out. Pet hair is hard to pull off of anti-scratch material because the hair likes to stick. A cheap emery board nail file is the perfect tool for removing the hair from anti-scratch material.

Use the nail file on the anti-scratch material and all the pet hair will be off within seconds. Snapguide has a detailed list and video showing exactly how the emery board works on anti-scratch material here.

Removing Remaining Strands of Pet Hair

There are always those annoying strands of pet hair that cling to clothing, furniture, and just about anything they can. The best way to get rid of these stragglers is by using a lint roller. However, not everyone has a lint roller on hand. So, for a quick DIY lint roller all you need is duct tape and a paint roller.

Once the duct tape is wrapped around the paint roller, sticky side up, you can roll away all the excess pet hair from furniture and clothes. Check out more helpful cleaning tips from The Family Handyman here.

Prevent Excess Pet Hair

The best way to remove pet hair from around the house, clothes, and vehicles is by taking preventative measures. Groom your pet daily, especially if they’re thick-haired. The more you groom your pet the less hair you’ll have to pick up around the house. A pet hair brush makes it easy to collect and dispose of excess pet hair.

In addition to grooming your pet, putting down covers in cars and on furniture makes pet hair less likely to stick around. While the covers may not be aesthetically pleasing, they are an easy way to keep pet hair off furniture. All you have to do is wash the covers and the pet hair is gone.