These Dogs Failing at Catching Things Will Bring a Smile To Your Face

There are dogs that catch so well they should be on a professional football team. However, none of the following dogs fit into that category. They seem to have no sporty bone in their body as they fail to catch balls, treats, and more. These dogs try their best but continue to fail. But, don’t worry, they still have a smile on their face at the end of the day. So, sit back and let these dog fails bring a smile to your face.

Beach Day Fail

Luna is a beautiful Blue Great Dane enjoying her day on a dog-friendly beach in California. A beach day always includes some fun in the sun like playing catch. Luna’s mom throws her toy into the air and Luna jumps for the catch. And she completely misses! 😂

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Workshop Dog Fail

Steve is a shop dog that helps out all the crew at the workshop. Sometimes they all take a break and play around. Today the workshop crew threw Steve a ball. But, Steve failed and had to watch the ball fall. He was a happy pup though because he ended up getting the ball after all.

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Two Dogs, Double the Fail

Two dogs enter the competition to catch a treat, each dog fails miserably. Neither one of these dogs is able to catch the treat even when given multiple tries. Watch their countless attempts to catch a treat to no avail. At least they equally fail at catching, right?

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Dog Treat Fail

Zeus is a German Shepherd puppy that spends his evening lounging around. This evening his owner decides to play a little game with his treat. The treat is tossed into the air and Zeus almost catches it! Actually, he wasn’t even close. Better luck next time little puppy.

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In N Out Fail

Bob and his owner go for a walk in the park for some quality time together. This includes the typical game of catch with a nice round tennis ball. The ball is thrown into the air and it goes straight to Bob. The ball is in! Oh no, it’s out! That was a close one but the ball is definitely out.

Terrier and Retriever Fail

This Golden Retriever and West Highland Terrier show it doesn’t matter if you’re big or small to fail. It was treat time in their house and every treat thrown met with the ground. Even with two different sized treats, there was no success. A futile attempt on both accounts. But, these dogs had a happy night because they still got their treats.

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Mountain Dog Fail

Finnegan is a Bernese Mountain dog relaxing at home after a long day of dog filled activities. He cuddles up with his favorite toy on the ground and is thrown a treat for his troubles. He’s very confident the treat will land in his mouth but it hits the ground. This complete failure to catch the treat did not phase Finnegan as he didn’t even have to move to get the treat once it fell. Maybe that was his plan all along.

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Early Morning Fail

Oshie is a fairly young pupper that is less than a year old. He loves long walks on the beach, catching balls, and naps. He actually just woke up from a nap before this failed attempt. So, let’s just blame this dog fail on the early morning wake-up.

Derp Fail

Nothing wrong with being a little derp. It makes life a lot more fun. This derpy rescue dog totally failed at catching the treat thrown to him. But, it’s alright because there is always a chance he will catch it next time.

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