Thanksgiving Pet Safety

Thanksgiving is just days away and it’s important to remember that your dog matters too. With all the excitement and prepping that comes with Thanksgiving, there are a few things we need to remember to keep our furry friends safe during this busy time. First and foremost, make sure your pup’s tags and collars are in place and up to date. Whether you will be at home or traveling, your dog could make a run for it. Make sure to tell guests to be careful at the door. The door opening and closing may be an invitation for your dog to sneak off. If you think that may be the case, lock him in a room while your guests come and go. If your pet is afraid of the doorbell, put a sign on the door asking guests to please knock. No one will know if you just say the doorbell is broken! Or tell them the baby is sleeping!

Try to keep things as normal as possible for your pet. Dogs love their routine. It makes them happy and comfortable. Stick as close to the same times and routines for walking and eating if you can. Make sure your dog eats dinner before you do so his begging is at a minimum. If this is not possible, have him eat at the same time. Your dog can enjoy his own dog friendly little Thanksgiving feast at the same time you enjoy yours. As adorable and convincing as he may be, sneaking scraps from under the table is not only unsafe, it can be very dangerous. The most common Thanksgiving foods that are safe for your pet to consume are sweet potato, pumpkin, and white turkey meat. You can prepare him his own mini plate. Keep the onions, garlic, nuts, turkey bones, and chocolate far away! Just in case your dog accidentally eats something he shouldn’t, make sure you have your vet’s number on hand and the number and location of a nearby emergency vet center. Better safe than sorry!

If there will be children around during your Thanksgiving celebration, please keep an extra eye out. As docile and gentle as your pet may be, it is still important to supervise all interactions between kids and pets. Keep some toys and treats nearby. If you are traveling and you have enough room to lug your animal’s bed along for the ride, your dog will greatly appreciate it. Even a shirt you just wore placed next to your pet would ease his anxieties. Your familiar smell is very comforting to him.

Lastly, after the big meal, when it’s time to clean up, dispose of all bones and trash immediately. Curious pets can cause themselves a lot of harm if they decide to chew on a turkey bone. Other trash may not be safe either and can cause much more of a mess than already is there. Be careful with the types of cleaners you use. Cleaning products should be stored in high, closed cabinets where your pets have no way to reach them. Bleach and Lysol are two of the most hazardous cleaning products. They can erode paw pads if a pet walks through it, or can damage mouths and throats if ingested. Keep pets in another area and dry all surfaces before they are allowed back in.

It seems like a lot of think about, but nothing is more important than keeping your pets safe and happy, especially during such a busy and wonderful time of year. Your dog will be thankful and grateful for your loving care!