These Smiling Dogs Will Brighten Up Your Day

Are you having a bad day? Or just in the mood to look at some cute pictures of dogs? Either way, this list of smiling dogs has exactly what you want. Their smiles are contagious so don’t be surprised if you finish this list with a huge smile on your face. Smiling provides great benefits to your health and happiness. So, if anyone asks this list is here to keep you healthy.

Beachy Dog

We start off this list with a dog enjoying the sunset on the beach. Look at the happiness emanating out of the dog’s body. There are no cares in the world for this dog rolling around in the sand.

Flower Power

This little dog is like a bright ray of sunshine with his beaming smile. Flip through multiple images of this dog enjoying the flowers along a daily walk. Take a page out of this dog’s book and stop to smell the flowers every once in awhile.

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Dog Cuddles

Hugs from mommy make this dog ecstatic. Cuddles are one of this dog’s favorite things. This dog never wants to leave mommy’s arms.

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Corgi Car Ride

Have you ever been this happy to go on a car ride? This Corgi is definitely stoked for a fun car adventure. See how happy a car ride makes this little Corgi.

Splishing and Splashing

It’s time for a swim with this smiling rottweiler. This big pup has no fear of the water. It looks refreshing. Why don’t you join this smiling dog for a swim?

Let Them Eat Cake!

This dog is smiling so big she is drooling. She is thrilled to get some of this delicious cake. This dog is thrilled to get some cake. Grab some before she eats it all herself!

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Traveling Dog

Seeing this smiling dog might hit you with the travel bug. This dog lounges happily among the scenic buildings in Germany. A wonderful view to lay back and relax around.

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Piano Dog

Have you ever seen anybody this happy to play the piano? This golden retriever makes for a funny sight as she places her paws on the piano keys. It’s a wonder what lovely tune she plays.

A Day in the Park

A day in the park with this smiling dog is extra special with freshly fallen leaves. Look at the excitement on this dog’s face, ready to play in the park. Don’t try to stop him from rustling up those leaves.

A Dog and a Baby

This dog loves his baby human so much that he’s smiling with his eyes closed. What’s cuter than a baby and a smiling dog?

Puppy in Action

Okay so maybe a smiling puppy is cuter, but just barely. This is a special treat as you get to see this smiling puppy in action. See the little compilation video of this smiling French Bulldog below.

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Just the Two of Us

These two dogs are sharing a laugh together. Maybe if you’re lucky they’ll share the joke with you.

Dog with a Green Thumb

A successful day of gardening left this Husky smiling. Getting to work with grandma was a lovely treat. She even made sure not to eat any flowers.

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So Much Excitment

This smiling dog comes with sound effects. The video shows how excited this Shiba Inu is to be on camera.

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Last but not Least

We saved this smiling Pug for last. As you can see this dog is just happy to see YOU!

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