Quickly Remove Pet Hair Before Leaving the House

People love their pets and often unwittingly carry the hair of their dog or cat with them when they go out. Animal lovers are generally forgiving of a stray hair and understand. Others view it as unsightly and unprofessional.

There are dozens of products on the market designed to remove hair from clothing. They run the gamut from recycled glass, sponges, gloves with rubber palms, metal scrapers, and a myriad of brushes, along with mini vacuum attachments.

However, the most popular are lint rollers. The sticky, disposable sheets are a quick way to remove pet hair just prior to walking out the door and doesn’t have the potential for damaging material. Lint rollers are also a highly portable and convenient option since they can be tucked into a handbag, backpack, suitcase, or glovebox.

Many people are utilizing techniques to preemptively address the hair problem at the laundry level. Before placing laundry in the washer, they run clothing through a 10-minute dryer cycle. It softens the fabric, which loosens the hair and deposits it in the lint trap. Clothing can then be laundered as usual. Adding a dryer sheet or an anti-static spray are equally effective.

Other individuals are utilizing the washer as a first step in minimizing the amount of pet hair that adheres to clothing, thereby requiring less effort to remove hair before walking out the door. The method utilizes ½ cup of white vinegar added to the washer’s rinse cycle.

Pet hair is a fact of life for people that have pets. Lint rollers are the quickest, easiest, least time-consuming, and effective solution. Pet hair is easily blown about by heating and air conditioning units, compounding the problem. Regular pet grooming can aid in reducing the amount of hair, along with frequent vacuuming and cleaning. There are also long-handled lint rollers that can be purchased to reach hair that deposits on hard to reach surfaces.

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