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Roll ‘N Go Klean Stick Mini 4″ Cleaning Roller

Your Dirt Sticks to Us! The Roll ‘N Go Klean Stick is an innovative adaptable cleaning roller tool that cleans multiple surfaces at all levels. The telescoping pole extends up to 48″ and allows the user to stand upright. The 4″ roller head is ideal for the smaller, hard to reach areas. Package Contents: * Extendable pole to 48″ * 4″ adhesive refill (30 sheets)


Roll ‘N Go Klean Stick (All-Purpose Adhesive Cleaning Roller)

  • Clear away dust and dirt from hard-to-reach places.
  • Stay safe while cleaning — no more need to use a ladder with this extendable cleaning roller!
  • The adhesive cleaning roller works like a lint remover to help you keep your home clean.

The Roll ‘N Go Klean Stick is a new innovative adaptable cleaning roller tool. The interchangeable roller head and pole that fully extends up to 48” gives the user an added advantage to reach areas that are otherwise difficult to access. This cleaning roller tool makes it easy for anyone to clean those hard-to-reach places like ceiling fan blades or along the upper edge of cabinets. It is also great for picking up pet hair and cleaning floors, automobiles, and furniture without bending over or stretching — making this cleaning roller a great option for anyone recovering from an injury or who has mobility concerns.

Kit Contains:

  • Extendable Pole
  • Body Head
  • 10” Roller with Pin
  • 6” Roller with Pin
  • 10” Adhesive Refill (30 sheets)
  • 6” Adhesive Refill (30 sheets)


Additional information

Weight 16.5 lbs
Dimensions 25 × 2.375 × 13 in

Roll ' No Go


Silver / Black

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