Pet Waste Station Etiquette

Pet waste stations are being more actively employed to stem the public health hazard of solid pet waste. It’s important for everyone to utilize proper pet waste station etiquette if the stations are to properly serve everyone.

Take Just What You Need

The most popular and effective pet waste station models are equipped with a bag dispenser for picking up solid waste and a receptacle for disposing of the used bag. The stations are installed to serve the specific needs of the entire canine community. In most instances, one or two bags are sufficient. Only take what you need.

It’s Not a Trash Can

The station should only be used to dispose of pet waste. Unfortunately, there are some that view the devices as a handy trash container for items such as wrappers and water bottles. Filling up a pet waste station with ordinary trash means pet people have no other option than to leave their dog waste bags on the ground nearby, creating a malodorous and unsightly mess.

Don’t Save it Up

The installation of pet waste stations means individuals have a convenient and sanitary way of disposing of their canine’s waste when they go out for daily walks. Many cities and communities have ordinances that require individuals to pick up waste from public spaces, along with their own property. Unfortunately, there are some individuals that will go for a week or more without daily cleanup, then deposit the entire amount in a waste station at one time. It has the same effect on other pet people as those that use a pet waste station as a public trash can.

Everybody’s Business

Pet waste stations are an amenity that benefits everyone, not just dog owners. Dog feces are a bio-hazard that can affect the health of people, pets and wildlife. Dog waste also adversely affects the environment, from the soil to waterways. Pet waste stations are an essential installation for any location where dogs may frequent.

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