Your Adorable Overload for the Day: Little Kids and Their Big Dogs

If you needed a pick me up today look no further. A heartwarming photography project using kids and dogs was captured by Andy Seliverstoff, a professional photographer from St. Petersburg, Russia. His project focuses on the unbreakable bond between small children and their supersized dogs resulting in images that melt your heart. This project soon transformed into a book called Little Kids and Their Big Dogs.

Andy Seliverstoff / via Revodana Publishing

How it All Began

All this began a few years ago when a friend of Seliverstoff asked him to take pictures of their daughter in a park. These friends of Seliverstoff also had their Great Dane with them and he decided to include the dog in the picture with their daughter. The moment he captured the daughter and the Great Dane he realized he had something special on his hands.

Andy Seliverstoff / via Revodana Publishing

In the following years Seliverstoff compiled a wide range of photographs featuring small kids with big dogs. These photographs turned into a 132 page book depicting the special relationships each kid had with their dog. “The state of endless joy and mutual confidence – that has become the main idea of the series,” Seliverstoff says.

little kids big dogs 10

Andy Seliverstoff / via Revodana Publishing

The Setting

All the photographs are taken in St. Petersburg, Seliverstoff’s home city. Seliverstoff ensures the photographs are taken in a place where the kids and dogs normally walk and play. This is what gives the photographs the natural and playful look throughout the book. The setting of St. Petersburg depicts many spectacular shots that are highlighted by the beautiful parks and colder climate of the city.

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Andy Seliverstoff / via Revodana Publishing


A majority of the subjects in Seliverstoff’s photographs are children or grandchildren of his friends. When it comes to big dogs it’s rare for families to adopt them when they have young children. Therefore, a majority of the dogs in the photographs were part of the family before the children were born.

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Andy Seliverstoff / via Revodana Publishing

The Theme of his Passion Project

The goal Seliverstoff had for this project was not just to capture beautiful pictures but to show the interactions between the children and the animals. Seliverstoff’s overall message for his project is that “Love for dogs and children makes people kinder.”

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Andy Seliverstoff / via Revodana Publishing