Establishing a Dog Waste Management Program for Your Neighborhood

Dog waste has become a major problem for cities and communities around the world. Many municipalities are at a loss on how to deal with the problem. Any community can establish a pet waste management system to keep neighborhoods clean, more sanitary, and prevent the potential spread of disease.

Dog Density

A management plan begins with creating a committee to identify the number of canines within a given neighborhood. That will tell local officials how many dog waste stations are needed in each area.

The committee will be responsible for choosing the type of pet waste station that works best for them, cost factors, areas that are in the greatest need of the receptacles, and creating a campaign to alert the public.


The waste stations should be installed where people typically walk their canines and in dog parks if the neighborhood has one. Placement can be a problem without some forethought. Avoid placing the stations by schools, playgrounds, enclosed areas, or in front of a home or local business. Communities will also need to post signage directing dog owners to the waste stations and reminding them of ordinances concerning dog waste.

Choosing a Model

The optimal solution is to choose waste stations that have a bag dispenser in combination with the collection receptacle. With bags and a waste receptacle, there’s no excuse for individuals to leave their dog’s waste on the ground.


Regular, weekly collection by a waste management service is essential. It avoids a buildup and also aids in mitigating odors.

Who Pays

Some communities account for the funds from their annual budgets. Others assess each dog owner a fee that goes toward the initial cost of the stations, keeping them stocked with bags, and the waste disposal service. Some municipalities assess a flat fee on tax bills to account for the expenses, in the belief that keeping neighborhoods clean and hygienic is a task in which everyone should be involved.

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