Easter Gifts for a Dog Easter Basket

Easter is a bright and colorful holiday celebrated by families all over. Pastel colored candies and gifts flooding the shelves of stores everywhere. Baskets, small and large, filled with all types of easter goodies make great gifts. Unfortunately, these regular easter baskets are not always safe to give a dog. But, it’s extremely easy to create a dog-friendly easter basket for your furry friend.

Here are some gifts that would be great to stick into an easter basket for your dog:

Easter Dog Toys

It is hard to find a dog that doesn’t enjoy a good toy. Sometimes dogs even turn non-toys into toys, like a stick or a piece of your clothing. As Easter nears, more and more pet stores stock their shelves with easter-themed dog toys.

There are these silly faced egg squeaker toys.

This pack of adorable peep bunnies has plush and vinyl squeaker toys that are great for dogs.

Or grab this realistic rabbit dog toy for your dog’s easter basket.

No matter what type of toy you put in the easter basket, your dog is going to one happy pup.

Easter Themed Dog Treats

An easter basket without treats would be incomplete. Flavorful easter-themed dog treats are the best choice to fill up an easter basket.

These delicious treats are safe for dogs and come in easter shapes like an egg, rabbit, or carrot.


Delight your dog with these gourmet, easter-colored truffles.


There are so many easter dog treats to choose from, you might as well include them all. If easter-themed treats are not appealing to your dog, fill the easter basket up with some of their favorite treats. Grab a plentiful variety pack to please your pup.


Easter Outfits

What is Easter without a special outfit? Slip a cute little easter outfit into your pups easter basket and reap all the benefits with adorable photos.

There are full on easter outfits, like this bunny hoodie

There is this simpler easter scarf that says “Happy Easter!”


If your dog is not a big fan of wearing clothes, or their fur makes clothes too hot for them, then try these easter bunny ears.


Easter Collar

There are some dogs out there that really dislike wearing any kind of outfit. Never force your animal into something that makes them unhappy. However, all dogs have collars, at least for walking. So, your dog can be in the easter spirit with a special holiday collar.

There are dog collars packed with colorful easter eggs.

And dog collars filled with lovely bunnies.

Or dog collars full of all things easter and spring.

There are many options out there for easter dog collars. Enjoy picking out one that fits your dog’s personality.

Easter Chocolate Bunny (for dogs)

An easter basket is complete once it has a chocolate bunny. However, do NOT ever give your dog a regular chocolate bunny because chocolate is dangerous for dogs. It could even kill them.

There are ways to make a dog-safe chocolate bunny by using ingredients like peanut butter, carob, yogurt, or a mix of the three. A chocolate bunny that is safe for dogs will look just like the real thing. If, it’s too difficult to make there are pre-made chocolate bunnies safe for dogs online.


While it’s wonderful to see how excited a dog gets over all sorts of gifts, they won’t notice if you slip a few for yourself into the basket. Treat yourself to a delightful smelling candle to help eliminate to overpowering odors of your dog. Add in a new leash that has a padded grip to make walks easier on your hands. Also, don’t forget some disposable bags to bring on walks that are perfect for picking up after your pup.

These are all the items to make a wonderful easter basket for your furry friend. Mix and match items, and personalize the basket to your pup. Dogs are happy to get any gifts from their owner. But, their owner is forever their favorite gift of all.