Dogs Spotted by UPS Drivers on Their Daily Routes

UPS Dogs

The age-old stereotype of postal and delivery workers feuding with dogs dates back to when television shows aired in black and white. A delivery person walks up the driveway and dogs go nuts. They begin barking like crazy and sometimes go in for an attack. However, this interaction is not as common as television shows and movies make people think. Many dogs and delivery people love interacting with each other. A great example of this is a Facebook page and Instagram account made by UPS delivery drivers that document their encounters with dogs on their daily routes. Check out some of the cutest photos snapped by UPS delivery drivers below.

The Creator

First up, we have the man who created the UPS Dogs accounts that are now a sensation. This is Sean “Dawgzilla” McCarren, the man that put UPS Dogs into motion. In this picture, Sean sits in his UPS truck with one of the many dogs on his daily route. He loves dogs so much that he makes sure to always have a bag of treats in his truck.

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First Day On The Job

This little pug decided to join the UPS team, officially becoming a UPS dog. She shed her princess clothes for the brown uniform of UPS to help deliver packages. These two made a great team delivering packages in Dallas, Texas.

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Kisses For the UPS Driver

When a dog loves their package so much they give their UPS driver a kiss. This dog loved her package so much she jumped up on the UPS truck. She gave the driver more than a few kisses and made him a happy man for the day. The love between these two is very clear.

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This Truck is Mine Now

Sometimes UPS dogs never want to leave. When the UPS driver Nick stopped to deliver a package to Sadie’s home, she hopped in the truck with plans to stay. She was more than ready to help Eric finish the rest of his route. Click to see the second photo where Sadie tries to take over the wheel.

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No Treats (Or Packages) Needed

Now here is a dog that just loves UPS drivers even if no package is being delivered. Some dogs love drivers that carry treats but this dog, Ranger, doesn’t need treats to share his love. He loves visiting UPS driver Kathy and will jump on in anytime he sees her truck.

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UPS Dogs Across The Pond

Even drivers all the way in London, England get friendly visits from dogs. David Dean was driving his route in London when these two dogs decided to say hello. They were happy to sit in the UPS truck and felt like true UPS dogs.

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The Stowaway

Dogs love these UPS drivers so much they try to go on their routes with them. One bulldog named Winnie actually snuck her way onto the truck and hid. The UPS driver found her hiding when delivering packages to a house down the block. Of course, he made sure she got home safely. Check out her hiding spot.

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The Groupies

Some UPS drivers are so famous they have a group of dogs greet them when they deliver packages. This driver, Jessie, has an group of Boston Terriers ecstatic to see him (and his treats). It’s one of Jessie’s favorite stops on his daily route in Bishop, California.

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Hugs For Days

UPS driver, Grace, loves treating her canine visitors with big hugs. This picture is just one of the many dogs that Grace sees and hugs along her daily route. The dogs come up to her truck for the treats but they stay for her loving hugs.

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UPS Dogs In Action

We saved the best UPS dog for last. He’s a golden retriever named Jax and his incredible talent was caught on video. Jax loves when the UPS drivers come to deliver packages because he gets to help out. Watch as he grabs his package from the UPS driver and brings it inside his own home.

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Drivers and dog owners submit their photos to the UPS Dogs Facebook page and Instagram account. So, the next time you see a UPS driver, snap a picture of them with your dog. Better yet get some treats or poopy pouches delivered and the UPS driver will come and knock on your door.