Dogs of Instagram: They have more followers than you ever will!

If you think Instagram is a place for pretty pictures of food, sunsets and people´s shoes, think again! Dogs are all over the famous social network in all shapes and sizes(and status). Instagram is the perfect platform to get daily updates about a pup´s daily journey into adulthood. Some live pretty fancy lives and others bring joy to thousands if not millions every day with their share of cuteness.

One of the most interesting aspects of this social media platform movement is that a big portion of ¨The Dogs Of Instagram¨ have way more followers than you will ever will(Just this account alone has over 3.2 million followers). From famous dogs with massive followings to the most interesting pooches, Instagram provides their users with an endless supply of the finest canine entertainment. With over 49 million of posts and counting, the hashtag #DogsOfInstagram will provide you with some pups who really speak to you. Seriously, there are so many dog accounts worth your time!) But in the meantime, to get you hooked on ¨Doggie Watch¨ here are out top 5.

Manny The Frenchie

With over a million followers, Manny is a 5 year old philanthropist frenchie from Chicago who loves to make new friends and give back to charity.

Menswear The Dog

With over 285k followers, Menswear is one of the most stylish dogs around. Is a 4 year old Shiba Inu living in NY City with interests that include never washing his selvage denim and lurking around Soho. This hipster pup is tearing up Instagram!


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Maddie & This Wild Idea

With the creative ¨ThisWildIdea¨, Maddies´s owner Theron Humprey is a photographer that loves taking photos of Maddie in the most inventive ways. With 1.2 million of followers, this Instagram sensation will delight you for many days to come.

Hunting down the best ice cream for @visitmaine today with Buffalo…tough gig y'all 🍦🙌🏼 #MaineThing

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Theo & Beau

Jessica Shyba with her page Mommasgonecity has captured their most organic and beautiful friendship ever witnessed between Theo and Beau with over 540k followers and their own hashtag #theoandbeau that has no less than 7.862 publications with the most adorable happenings and a lot of naps!

therapy pup #theoandevvie

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Momo the Border Collie

This famous dog has its own book called Finding Momo. His owner Andrew Knapp and amazing photographer says ¨Star something, begin anywhere¨ in his Instagram page with over 572k followers.