Dogs at the Beach this Summer

These Beach Dogs Are Having a Summer to Remember

We’re already halfway through summer! Can you believe it? These beach dogs are soaking up the sun on sandy beaches as much as they can. Nobody knows how to have fun on the beach like these pups. Scroll through these dogs enjoying a day at the beach and get pumped for a beach day of your own.

Fun in the Sun

First up we have a mini album of two dogs enjoy their beach day. These beach dogs had a whole day of fun in the sun. They played catch with their owner and ran around in the sand. Swimming was required in order to cool down.

All Lei’d Out

This little dachshund is enjoying her day in the sun as she lays out on her beach towel. She dons a pink flowered lei around her neck as she watches the other dogs frolic in the ocean. No other dog has a style like hers as she lays back in her yellow polka-dotted bikini. Take note of this girl’s awesome beach fashion sense.

Sister Time at the Beach

No, these sisters aren’t twins but they’re clearly joined at the hip. They love to do everything together especially when it comes to hanging at the beach. There is no better place to relax and have quality sister time than a sunny beach.

When Sand is Life

These two beach dogs took digging in the sand to the next level. Both of these german shepherds have a deep love for the beach and ocean. A love that runs so deep they roll around trying to be a part of it.

Strike a Pose

A day at the beach did wonders for this fluffy samoyed. She had such a fun day on the beach she decided to strike a pose for the camera. Immediately after she grabbed her tennis ball to play a couple more games of catch before leaving the beach.

Beach Ready

These two little guys are ready for the beach. They got their shades on and a free ride down to the water. Now to just avoid the puparazzi because these boys just want to have fun.

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The Salt Life

It’s all about the beautiful blue ocean waves for this australian shepherd. Anytime he hits the beach it won’t be long before he’s soaking wet. The waves call out to him and he runs into them with a smile on his face.

Blue Skies and Blue Seas

A dog that loves all things blue is in paradise during a day on the beach. The wild soul of this beach dog feels free watching the blue sea under striking blue skies. No clouds in the sky on this beach day just the waves and the sun shining down from above.

Ballin’ at the Beach

Now, this dog right here is a baller. He runs the beach with his favorite orange ball clutched tightly in his mouth. When you’re hanging with him there is no other way to beach and you’re sure to have a ball.

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A Golden and a Sunset

This list of beach dogs ends with a beautiful golden and a sunset. This girl is truly at peace when watching the sunset from the beach. There is no other view that can compete with a sunset over the ocean.

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Not all beaches are dog-friendly but every state in the United States has a few. This website contains all the dog-friendly beaches categorized by state. Even the dog-friendly beaches require dog owners to pick up after their canine so make sure you have some poopy pouches on hand.