Dogs Allowed

When you start planning a family vacation to the sunshine state, there is always a question that pops out. What do we do with the dogs? Dog daycares are expensive and most use cages, and hiring help to stay at the house is tricky. Finally, as a family consensus, you decide to bring them. But that changes everything. Where to stay, where to go eat, and what to do. Planning a vacation that includes the family pet can be both expensive and challenging. Below you will find some of the top destinations to stay in Miami and have a good time that includes Rufus and Mr. Weaner. After all, they belong to the family, right?

The Miami New Times in their blog Miami’s top ten dog-friendly restaurant says “Though dogs are usually welcome at Miami’s many patio restaurants, there are some places that go the extra mile to pamper your pup, with everything from special meals to poolside retreats.” In these places, you won’t have to stick to the last table in the back patio. Here, they will welcome the entire family.

Tripadvisor offers an interesting compilation of pet-friendly hotels at reasonable prices to all time luxury that will provide the ultimate Miami experience. Keep in mind that for some of these activities you might have to leave the pups behind, but you’re covered. The hotel will take good care of them.

Another good idea before heading to the airport is to check regulations and safety when traveling with pets with your airline of choice, or if you’re traveling by sea. This will avoid complications since rules might change from one company to another one.

Last but not least, joining local discussions in places like Yelp can provide vital information by locals on where to go eat and such with your pets, and that will allow you to check if the place is worth going. After all, we know you can’t survive on bones, rice and oatmeal, right?