Dog Waste Stations – What Exactly Are They?

Pet waste stations are becoming a more frequent and common site across the U.S., from large cities to small communities. They offer a convenient and hygienic manner in which to dispose of and manage dog waste.

Two Styles

The stations are available in two styles. The first is a receptacle only model where individuals can deposit their canine’s waste while on a walk or at the dog park without taking it back home with them. The second type offers a receptacle for disposal and a bag dispenser to be used for picking up the waste.

Affordable Solution

They’re placed in dog parks, locations where people normally walk their dogs, and outside apartment complexes and businesses. They’re even becoming commonplace at rest areas and public parks. The stations are an affordable and effective means of managing dog waste in multiple environments.

Waste Management System

Communities and neighborhoods with pet waste stations typically post signage indicating where a waste station is located, reminders to pick up waste, and penalties for not doing so as part of a pet waste management system. Mounted on a steel post, they can easily be installed and moved if necessary. They can be manufactured of metal or plastic.

Multiple Uses

Most people think of pet waste stations as a way to encourage inconsiderate dog owners to pick up after their canines. The devices are much more than that. Even the most considerate pet people can occasionally forget a bag. Pet waste stations are a remedy for that problem.

Solves an Increasing Problem

The number of people choosing to share their home with a canine is growing and the amount of dog waste is increasing along with it. Dog waste is not fertilizer and can take months to decompose. It represents a significant biohazard that can contaminate sources of drinking water, the soil, waterways, and contribute to algae blooms. Pet waste stations are an easy way to combat multiple problem.

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