Best Cities to be a Dog in America

Let’s face it. The world is full of places where you are not welcome, if you’re a dog! Buildings full of prohibitions, rules, spots where you can’t do this or that, and all sorts of complications that put your loving owner in a lot of trouble with just a simple walk around that place you call home. Fortunately for dog owners, in America there are cities where you and your best friend hit an exercise class together, pick up some treats at a cute boutique, then go out to eat at a restaurant with a special menu for your pal because, after all, she’s a dog.

dogs allowed

In honor of National Pet Month, Ryan Nickum from Estately talks about 17 of the best cities in America to have a dog like Portland, Oregon, with 33 dog parks, and most per capita of any large city in the United States, and it’s one of’s top 20 cities. Another great choice is San Francisco, a city that has the third most dog parks of any city in the U.S. with 27, and Walk Score has it ranked second nationally for walkability. Definitively a must visit place filled with amazing places to take your dog.

Earlier this year, Nerd Wallets finance blog compiled a list of its top 10 cities to have a dog from analyzing over 50 great cities that are great for canines as well as humans. It had some similar criteria but also focused on the financial aspects of having a pet. Its factors included walkability, the number of dog parks where you can get out to socialize and the cost of a visit to the vet.

A very interesting city that appears in most of these lists is Las Vegas, Nevada. Even though you might not think of Sin City as a place that’s teeming with dog parks, it is! According to Estately, it has the third best number of them per capita (25), and Nerd Wallet adds that one dog park even has gated areas for small, medium and large pups. It’s home to a radio show called The Las Vegas Rock Dog Radio Show, Estately reports, although it also lists a con: a low walkability score. On the plus side, Nerd Wallet finds that the city has affordable vet care.

In the sunshine state, Miami, dog owners can now stroll, run and play with their dogs at 14 neighborhood Dog Friendly Parks, so long as their dogs are on a leash. In addition, there are bag dispensers and waste baskets for dog owners to pick-up after their beloved furry friends. This highly entertaining city counts with has well-priced veterinary care as well as a highly walkable layout, so you can easily fit walking your dog into your schedule, as a car is not necessary for many day-to-day activities in the city. A must visit park is the Amelia Earheart Bark Park that has five acres of walkways, benches and drinking fountains designed specifically for dogs.

Of course these are just a few of the dog-friendly cities. There are other cities on Estately and Nerd Wallet’s lists that did not overlap including San Diego California, Austin Texas, Albuquerque NM ant Tucson among others.

What other cities do you think should be here? If your city was not mentioned in those lists, please let us know! We would love to find out about other dog-friendly places in America where all dogs are always welcome.Woof!