Why Apartments and Condos Should Have Dog Waste Stations

For apartment buildings and condos owners, accepting tenants with dogs could be challenging since there are a lot of factors to take into consideration. Insurance policies increasing, tenants without dogs complaining, and specially maintaining the common areas clean are some of the more important issues to keep in mind. A pet dog waste station cares for your dog’s waste and also allow your surroundings to be a disease-free and enjoyable area to live in. Installing a dog waste station or more depending on how large is your outdoor area will create a community that lives in harmony, and here’s why:

Make a Difference

Providing pet owners with the appropriate dog waste station will make neighbors taking care of your dog’s #2 a breeze and at the same time it will make a difference around the community. By cleaning your pet’s waste and placing it in the appropriate dog waste station everybody will keep the area free of insects that might reproduce in it and cause a greater problem around. Besides, nobody likes to step on poop! So start the campaign today: bag it and trash it, take the pledge to scoop the poop.

Organization is the Key

Besides the visual and also the ecological concerns, a dog waste station promotes clean surroundings that will benefit not only the property owner but the entire community. With a fairly small financial investment, property owners can save hours of labor in a crew that will have to wash off roads, gardens and yards. Tidy rivers, lakes and neighborhoods means also higher quality of life, which helps a city or town attract great companies what will provide better surroundings.