5 Reasons Dogs Make Driving Better

It can get lonely on drives sometimes and dogs are a great companion to have in the car. Dogs are always the best and happiest passengers in a car. They turn a boring car ride into a fun adventure when they ride along. Below are only some of the reasons dogs make driving better.

  1. Dogs Are Great Co-Pilots

    The co-pilot in a car has the ability to make or break the trip, whether it’s short or long. Unsurprisingly, dogs are the best co-pilots any driver could have riding alongside them. A dog co-pilot keeps a driver alert with occasional barks and kisses like the little puppy below.

    Having a dog alongside for a drive will increase happiness immensely. Their presence is a comfort in itself because the driver is no longer alone. A dog will hold the driver’s hand during a stressful drive, like the cute co-pilot below.

  2. Dogs Don’t Mind Taking The Backseat

    When there are multiple people going for a drive there is always a competition for who gets the front passenger seat. A dog would never compete for the front because they are happy to just come along for the ride. They happily take the backseat for the extra room to stretch out and maybe take a nap.

    Some owners are nice enough to deck the backseat out in comfy dog furniture. This is a great way to keep dogs happy for longer car rides. Look how relaxed this big dog is laying out in the backseat.

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  3. Dogs Make Driving More Fun

    Dogs have a happy-go-lucky personality about them that is extremely infectious. They are bound to turn a regular car ride into a fun time. Witnessing their sheer enjoyment of a car ride is a magical feeling. It’s hard not to enjoy a car ride with a dog as excited as this one.

    Dogs love cruising around with their owners or dog-friendly people. So, a car ride with a dog is going to full of excitement just because they get to spend time with a person. It’s not an experience dogs get every day and when they do they ham it up!

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  4. Dogs Love Driving With The Windows Down

    Ever drive with a person who hated the windows being down? This won’t ever be a problem with a dog because driving with the windows down is one of their favorite activities. They love feeling the wind in their face and don’t mind if you drive a little fast. Check out this dog in action as he enjoys a nice drive with the windows down.

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    Blast some music and go for a wild drive in the country with your dog and watch them emanate joy with their head out the window. Just seeing their happiness is worth a car ride. Dogs love adventures with their owners. Just make sure they don’t jump out the window!

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  5. Sometimes Dogs Take Over Driving

    One of the best things about dogs is that they don’t mind taking over driving. If the human driver needs a break, dogs are more than happy to take over the wheel. They absolutely love to be in the driver’s seat. Look how excited this Siberian Husky is to drive the Porsche.

    Not all dogs are about speed though. Some dogs take driving very seriously. This Frenchie follows all the driving rules, he does full stops and always uses a blinker.

    For the safety of both yourself and your dog, make sure they’re comfortable driving around, especially for longer drives. If you do take your dog on a long road trip take Poopy Pouch Disposable Bags, which are great for dog bathroom pit stops.