10 Reasons Dogs Make the Best Valentine

The month of February has arrived and stores everywhere are filled with bright sections of pink and red. Chocolate and candy in the shape of hearts fill the shelves. Love is all around as couples come together to celebrate this romantic holiday. But, as the list below describes, the best valentine any person could have is a dog.

  1. Dogs are the Best Cuddlers

    A good valentine knows how to cuddle and dogs are naturally good cuddlers. Studies have proven that cuddling with a dog is a great mood-booster. A dog helps reduce stress, anxiety, depression, and provides loving companionship. So, cuddle up with your dog this Valentine’s day and reap all the mood-boosting benefits.

  2. Dogs Don’t Care if you Dress Up

    Whether you want to dress up for Valentine’s Day or not is up to you. A dog will be equally impressed if you dress up fancy or stay comfy in sweats. If you do decide to dress up with your dog take some pictures. Dogs look really dapper and cute in a suit.

  3. Dogs Won’t Complain About Your Cooking

    If you’re not the best cook in the world you have nothing to worry about. With a dog as your valentine, any food you make will be happily eaten. A dog doesn’t need a gourmet meal for Valentine’s Day either. Save money by eating in and snuggling up with your pup.

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  4. You get all the chocolate and candy to yourself

    One of the biggest parts of Valentine’s day is the chocolate and candy. Everyone loves the little heart shaped candies and boxes of chocolates. This year with your dog as your valentine you can have all the chocolate and candy for yourself. Candy and chocolate are bad for dogs so they won’t want any for themselves. But, they will definitely guard you chocolates from any thieving hands.

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  5. Dog Kisses Are Always Cute

    Have you ever been on a great Valentine’s Day date that ended with unsatisfactory kiss? The kiss was either too wet and slobbery or unwanted altogether. When you have a dog as your valentine this will never be an issue. A dog will only give you kisses if you want them and they’re allowed to be slobbery.

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  6. Dogs Are Great Listeners

    Tell a dog your wildest dreams and secrets and they will never interrupt you. The most talking you will get from a dog is a bark of encouragement. As you tell a riveting story about your day they will give you their full attention. This Valentine’s Day share your deepest desires with your pup and they will hang on your every word.

  7. Dogs Will Watch Whatever You Want on TV

    Never spend a night fighting over what to watch on television again. If you’re spending Valentine’s Day at home TV is the go-to activity. With a dog as your valentine, you will have the freedom to watch whatever you want on TV. Snuggle up with your pup on the couch as you two netflix and chill. They will be happy just laying next to you.

  8. Dogs Love Any Gift You Give Them

    Many people expect a gift for Valentine’s Day. People get really critical of their gifts too. On the other hand, a dog will be happy with any gift you give them even if it’s just your attention. But, treat your dog to some special toys and treats this Valentine’s Day so they know how much you love them.

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  9. Dogs Take the Best Valentine’s Day Photos

    You can’t let Valentine’s Day pass without taking a photo. That is just one other reason dogs make the best valentine. Dogs are always camera ready and photos of them always come out cute. Snap of picture of your dog this Valentine’s Day and watch as all the likes and compliments pour in.

  10. Dogs Love You Unconditionally

    Spend every Valentine’s Day with your dog because they will love you unconditionally. A dog will love you no matter what and will never make you feel unloved. They always look up to you with non-stop excitement. Always ready to greet you at the front door. With a dog, your Valentine’s Day will be full of love.


In consideration of a dog’s unconditional love, an owner should love their dog unconditionally too. Treat your dog the best way possible by feeding them, playing with them, and taking them on daily walks. On walks, it’s a good idea to take Poopy Pouch Doggy Poo Disposal Bags so no poop gets left behind.