10 Christmas Gifts Your Dog Will Want This Year

  1. Hide A Squirrel Fun Hide and Seek Interactive Puzzle Plush Toy

What’s more fun than chasing squirrels? Not much according to your pup.

  1. Poopy Pouch

Your dog wants you to look good in front of the neighbors and clean up his poop. The poopy pouch makes it neat and easy.

  1. Kong Rubber Flyer

We all know dogs love frisbee. The Kong Flyer won’t hurt his teeth during all the fun.


  1. Our Pets IQ Treat Ball

Working for treats? Can we all say YES!

  1. Dentasauras

Take the work out of cleaning your dog’s teeth. He can do it himself with the Dentasaurus Rex.


  1. iFetch Ball Launcher

Not home all day? You wouldn’t want your pup to be bored! He is begging for the iFetch.


7.Furbo Dog Camera

When you’re at work all day or traveling, your pup misses you. You will be able to talk to him and see his adorable face through the Furbo.


  1. Classic Kong

There’s a reason this toy has been around forever. It’s a classic. If your pup doesn’t have the Kong yet, please get it for him now!

  1. Colossal Rabbit

It’s realistic looking. Enough said!

  1. All Star Giggle Ball

The ball giggles when it rolls and moves. The sounds of laughter will be music to your pup’s ears.