Why Choose Crown Products?

crown-exteriorAt Crown Products, you’ll find a complete line of convenient, waste disposal bags packaged for both personal and public use.  If you’re looking for an easy way to clean up and dispose of dog poop or dirty diapers, we’ve got it.

With Crown Products waste bags you can easily clean up dog poop and dispose of dirty diapers without leaving any mess behind.  From our Poopy Pouch doggie waste bags to our Poopy Doo diaper waste bags, Crown Products has the waste disposal bags you need to keep your world clean.  Crown Products is a virtual one-stop shop from waste disposal bags in personal zip-lock pouches to commercial rolls for refillable dispensers.  Our waste disposal bags make clean up easy and are affordable for everyone!

Pet waste disposal is an on-going problem for communities, municipalities, beaches and public parks.  In an effort to help keep our public areas clean, we developed the Poopy Pouch pet waste station. It makes it easy for dog owners to clean up after their dogs, no matter where they go.  Since we are the manufacturer, we only use the highest quality materials to produce our stations.  Most pet waste systems on the market today are comprised of aluminum.  Not ours, we use galvanized powder coated steel. Durable and built to last.  Our pet waste station has a refillable dog bag dispenser stocked with Poopy Pouch doggie waste bags and a convenient waste disposal bin.  The Poopy Pouch pet waste station is the all-in-one clean-up solution for pet waste.  It has become the pet waste station of choice for communities and public facilities everywhere.

Dirt, germs and bacteria are real concerns, especially in public places.  That’s why Crown Products has added a new line of cleaning products — convenient WIPE-A-WAY facility wipes and the all new ROLL ‘N GO KLEAN STICK.

From floors to doors or from the couch to the workout bench, our new line of cleaning products are the perfect way for businesses to help their customers and employees keep hands, counters, equipment and public surfaces clean and germ-free.